Common Themes as Expressed by the Participants

The participants were given a list of questions that would be discussed prior to their interviews. The questions asked about their military experience and journey through homelessness. The following thematic essays are engagements between their thoughts, scholarly research, and how the individual’s story fit in to the broader themes discussed by all of the interviewees. While only Harold and James wanted to be interviewed together, many of the interviewee’s statements seem to fit into dialogue with each other as they discuss similar feelings, thoughts, and stories relating to larger overarching themes about their experiences as homeless veterans.

  • Joining the Military
  • The Creation of Masculinity through Service
  • Homelessness Journey, Assumptions about Homelessness
  • Barriers and Experiences with ‘the system’
  • Causes of Veteran Homelessness
  • Civilian Military Disconnect
  • Friends and Loneliness
  • Difficulties of not having a Home
  • Cycle of Homelessness
  • Feeling a Need to Give Back
  • Being Proud Despite their Situation
  • Daily Life and Hopes for the Future