Calvin is a U.S. Navy veteran who is originally from Columbia, South Carolina. Calvin served in the Navy from 1976 to 1983 as a navigator on a nuclear submarine. He did eight deterrent patrols and was underwater on the submarine for 90 days at a time. On his first submarine mission, he was the only African American out of the 150 sailors on board the ship. After serving on the submarine, he was a Navy Absentee Collection Unit Officer. He left the military with an honorable discharge and went into the construction business. Work brought him to Richmond and he ended up staying. He lost his construction job and soon ran out of money, finding himself homeless. He entered into the VA assistance program for homeless veterans and ended up in transitional housing with Liberation Family Services. He has been housed at LFS for a year and a half and is working on overcoming his troubles with PTSD. He plans on moving to Texas for work soon.

Calvin talks about his experience in the military on a nuclear submarine

Calvin talks about being the only black guy on his first sub trip.

Calvin talks about his decision to leave the military. “I was searching for something that I still haven’t found yet”

Calvin talks about how his world view changed becaue of the military. “. It taught me how to get along with other ethnic groups. I don’t care how man looks, or what color he is, just as long as he respects me.”

Calvin talks about his experience with becoming homeless and his experiences at LFS. “…and how’d I get here? I’m a US Navy vet, I got plenty of experience and work, and stuff and how you become homeless? It’s just something that happened, I guess.”

Calvin talks about the hardest part about not having a home.

Calvin talks about making friends in his current situation- he enjoys making friends no matter their race or ethnic back ground. “, there’s always the common ground in everybody”

Calvin talks about being his own barrier. ” All barriers are meant to be broken down”

Calvin talks about what civilians don’t understand about veterans and his personal struggle with PTSD.

Calvin talks about why veterans become homeless. “reason why most of ‘em become homeless because they lost their way” “. I think that’s what success is about. It’s not all about the money and material things you have because God gives it all to you. You get it one day and one day it could be gone.”

Calvin talks about giving back. “It’s good to help people, but it must come just from your heart.”