Cordell is a U.S. Army veteran who is originally from Newark, New Jersey. He was drafted right out of high school in 1967. He served as a finance clerk for three years before his conscript was up in 1970. From there, he used his G.I. Bill benefits to attend Essex County College. He is a recovering addict and has been clean for 25 years. He became homeless in 2014 when he moved out of his apartment complex after a murder took place in the main office. He was expecting to find affordable housing quickly, but was unable to do so. He ended up living on the streets before hooking up with River City Veteran’s Employment program where they directed him to a recovery house where he stayed prior to coming to Liberation Family Services. Cordell spends his weekends checking out the local flea markets and reading. He hopes to leave Liberation Family Services and find a place of his own.

Cordell talks about a short summary of his life- Vietnam vet, recovering addict of 25 years, and transitioning to the next phase of his life.

Cordell talks about being drafted

Cordell talks about not liking the military because of racisim- examples about a movie and race riots

Cordell talks about exiting the military and getting the opportunity to go to college with other vets.

Cordell talks about his college experience being fun and enjoying school

Cordell talks about his barriers as a felon and working with the VA through the HUD/VASH program and those difficulties

Cordell talks about becoming homeless- by accident when he was trying to move somewhere else. Was on the streets shortly and then ended up at LFS

Cordell talks about how the recovering [addict] community/system is always there to help. They are the ones who helped get him into LFS and off the streets

Cordell talks about how he enjoyed his time on the streets but struggles with living a confined life at LFS

Cordell talks about his everyday life outside of VA appointments (reading, business, computer)

Cordell talks about making friends and being a people person

Cordell talks about how people are so quick to judge before they know you

Cordell talks about why he thinks vets become homeless- they don’t want to deal with the system.

Cordell talks about how he is proud of being a good father and how he has put the past behind him to mend relationships with his kids.

Cordell talks about giving back to the community and paying it forward. Someone helped him, so he helps others.