Richard is a U.S. Army veteran who is from Winston Salem, North Carolina. He joined the military right out of high school because no jobs were available and he felt the military would offer him a stable career as an alternative. During his time in the Army, he worked in field artillery and drove a tank for 3 years. He was stationed in Louisiana and Germany before he was honorably discharged. Later in life, Richard getting into legal trouble and using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. When he had a heart attack in 2006, he decided to get clean and return to the straight path. In 2011 Richard moved to Virginia and found himself taking care of an elderly family member for about three and a half years. When she went into a nursing home, he was unable to afford her house and became homeless. He called the Veteran’s Crisis line and was directed to the V.A. in Richmond where he began working with a homeless outreach coordinator while staying at the shelter. Soon after, he moved to Liberation Family Services where he now lives. Richard just graduated from school where he got his supervising asbestos license.  He has a few job offers and he hopes one of them will work out. In the meantime, he is looking for his own home and enjoys giving back to the community at LFS.


Richard talks about how his family was happy he joined the military right out of high school

Richard talks about why he joined the army- no jobs, ROTC, liked discipline

Richard talks about his training and the memory of being sprayed by a skunk

Richard talks about his job in the military as a tank driver and field artillery

Richard talks about his experiences in Germany

Richard talks about enjoying the stability in the military and making friends.

Richard talks about how the military taught him discipline and how to save money.

Richard talks about why he left the military

 Richard talks about his journey through homelessness

Richard talks about his positive experience with the VA

Richard talks about his first day at LFS and how everyone was genuinely kind and welcoming

Richard talks about losing the house and praying to God for a solution

Richard talks about how it is hard not having privacy but how the military helped prepare him

Richard talks about his daily life and how helping others is part of his every day routine. Helping others is something God has given him the ability to do

Richard talks about barriers as a homeless veteran- when others abuse services it is hard to get them

Richard talks about the stereotypes that face homeless veterans and how he would want people to know that not all of them are mental/abusers/etc…

Richard answers the question, “Why do you think veterans become homeless?”