Thomas is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Oklahoma. He joined the Marines in 1975 at the age of 17 with two of his cousins after being kicked out of his home by his stepfather and becoming homeless. After finishing his training, he was put in a reserve unit in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he spent 19 months. He then became a drifter and traveled all over the United States, sleeping under bridges, in cars, and on the streets. When he came to Virginia he spent a total of 26 years incarcerated in federal prison. He became homeless again upon being released from prison while participating in a transition program through the Salvation Army. Through this program he came to live at Liberation Family Services. Thomas spends his days writing fictional stories. He hopes to be able to get his stories published one day.

Thomas talks about joining the military at age 17. He was “striving” for something.

Thomas talks about his mom being proud when he joined the military and his favorite picture taken during bootcamp

Thomas talks about memorable moments from training (graduation) and then how he felt when he found out he was only a reserve

Thomas talks about the first time he became homeless at age 17 right before he joined the Marines

Thomas talks about being a drifter after leaving the Marine Corps and the places he stayed

Thomas talks about what he does now and his new job

Thomas talks about how he ended up at LFS through the VA

Thomas talks about his relationships with people at LFS and helping them out whenever he can

Thomas talks about what he thinks civilians should know about being in the military. He talks about PTSD and people not wanting to talk about their experiences.

 Thomas talks about helping a soldier if they need it

Thomas talks about why he thinks veterans become homeless- loss of hope, unbearable situations that make you act stupid.

Thomas talks about helping people and how it makes him feel good. He helps people because he has been down that road before.

Thomas talks about being proud of his art.