Wilbur is a U.S. Air Force veteran from Long Island, New York. He joined the Air Force in 1970. He was stationed in Texas, the Phillipenes, and Thailand. After leaving the military, Wilbur spent 30 years working as an operating room technician at the V.A. hospital in Richmond. He became homeless when his brother, who he was staying with, told him he could no longer stay there. Wilbur contacted the V.A. to help him get settled in new housing, and soon after he became a resident at Liberation Family Services. Wilbur enjoys sleeping and relaxing and he hopes to one day have a home and property of his own where he can have a variety of animals.

Wilbur talks about why he joined the Air force- didn’t want to do more school and needed something to do.


Wilbur talks about his parents being proud that he joined but being happier when he came home.

Wilbur talks about his training in the Air Force.

Wilbur talks about where he was stations and switching orders with someone.

Wilbur talks about leaving the military and coming home alone.

Wilbur talks about not having very many friends ever, not just in the military. He gives his definition of a friend.

 Wilbur talks about how he has always had an open mind about the world- if you treat him right, he treats you right.

Wilbur talks about his job at the VA hospital after moving to Richmond.

Wilbur talks about becoming homeless.

Wilbur talks about the places he has stayed since becoming homeless and not liking their military style.

Wilbur talks about how he ended up at LFS.